As everyone no doubt knows by now, there was an earthquake on the East Coast of the US yesterday, but it was minor, and mostly of the “did that really happen?” variety. And for all the overblown reactions and local news fear mongering silliness, the movement of our physical foundation, caused everyone to question our logic foundations and assumptions. “Earthquakes don’t happen here.” There are no absolutes.  Nothing, pun intended, is immovable.

I started building my own movable, evolving, foundation last night. I taught my first class since becoming a registered vinyasa yoga teacher. It was a perfect evening in Prospect Park, it was a small but open and supportive class of five, two advanced students, and three beginner to intermediate. The experience of teaching outside, and adapting a class to engage and challenge mixed levels, was a challenge. The class went well, not perfect, but it’s a foundation, it’s a place to build. There were beautiful perfect moments, and some fumbles–like life. I’m grateful to everyone who came and practiced with me last night, and I hope to see more of you as I continue to build my (movable)  teaching foundation. The next (FREE!) yoga in the park event is Tuesday September 6th at 7pm on Long Meadow Prospect Park.