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A quick update on my teaching schedule:

The 3-week beginner series that I was slated to start teaching tomorrow evening at Joschi Yoga Studio has been cancelled. All the more reason to come to the 3 remaining Sunday classes at the Brooklyn Zen Center from 7-8pm. The space is beautiful, the classes are super affordable and tailored to whatever level you’re at!

As always, check the Classes page for the latest details.

I really enjoyed November’s Sunday evening classes at the Brooklyn Zen Center, that I’ve decided to do it again (with all new themed classes) in the New Year! Details below and on the Classes Page. Spread the news far and wide! Hope to see you there!

4-week Open Level Vinyasa Yoga Series


Brooklyn Zen Center
505 Carroll Street, Suite 2A Brooklyn, NY

Sunday January 8, 7-8pm
Sunday January 15, 7-8pm
Sunday January 22, 7-8pm
Sunday January 29, 7-8pm

$10/class (cash only) Please Bring Your Own Mat

All Levels Welcome!!

I just posted about about being thankful, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t publicly thank everyone who came to my four-week open level yoga series at the Brooklyn Zen Center. It is a beautiful space, made all the more so by the wonderful effort and presence of my friends and students. The series ended last night with a  restorative themed class (and cupcakes!).

I’m already thinking about what’s next and putting together plans for a January series at the Brooklyn Zen Center. It would be the same day and times, Sundays from 7-8pm. Any input on what you’d like to focus on will be incorporated as much as possible (more advanced? more basic? more props? more abs, balance, backbends?, more breathing exercises? more relaxation?)

As always stay turned to the Classes page for all the updates and details, but I’ll no doubt post more about the next series soon.

I haven’t posted in a while, but it isn’t because I haven’t because I have nothing to say about yoga, in fact, quite the opposite, my silence has been in part because I’ve been busy setting up exciting new teaching opportunities. Here’s a brief run-down of what and where I’ll be teaching starting this Sunday!

  1. My four-week  open-level Vinyasa series starts this Sunday at 7pm at the Brooklyn Zen Center and happens every Sunday night until Nov. 20th.
  2. On Tuesday Nov. 1, I’ll start teaching twice week after school yoga to Kindergarteners at Brownsville Leadership Charter School with Fit4Life Kids.
  3. On Friday Nov. 4, I’ll start teaching two weekly morning yoga classes to pre-schoolers at Hudson Guild Community Center as a team leader with New York Cares
  4. *coming soon: an early morning weekday class at The Moving Studio in Brooklyn.
As always, check the Classes Page for all the details, and check back here, I have lots of ideas for blog posts and my next “Yoga Explained” video.

I’m very excited about my next scheduled classes!

I’m renting a beautiful space (see below) at the Brooklyn Zen Center in Park Slope for a 4-week open-level vinyasa series. Sunday nights 7-8pm Oct. 30, Nov. 6, 13, 20.

I was feeling so inspired that I made this fall-themed art project/flyer last night. Hope to see you there ( and as always, check out the classes page for more info)

After the beautiful weather and fun adventures of labor day weekend, this back to work and school day (for most), is decidedly dreary and fall-like. With rain all day and temperatures  in the mid 60s, yoga in the park tonight would be pretty soggy and cold, so tonight Yoga in the Park event is cancelled. Instead I’m combining the today’s event and the following one scheduled for two weeks from now, into one event. See details below and on the Classes Page. Hope your ease back into real life is smooth today.


FREE Yoga in Prospect Park! 

Open Level Vinyasa Yoga classes
Long Meadow Prospect Park (near Grand Army Park entrance)

                       **New date and time**
 Tuesday September 13, 6:30pm
(Weather permitting, please bring your own mat)

With my first yoga in the park class over, I have swiftly moved on to planning for the next yoga in the park event on Tuesday September 6th. I’ve put together my sequence (there’s a focus on back bends and twists), but in praticing it this morning, I came up about 10 minutes short of an hour.

So, dear readers, if you plan to come to class on the 6th, feel free to make some requests in the comments for poses you’d like me to include (or if you’re not as familar with tons of asanas, just let me know a part of your body you’d like to work on, or even something in yoga you want to try more of (what’s all this about mudras? hey, chanting sounds like fun!, say, Kate, let’s open some chakras, and btw, what are chakras anyway?) I’d love to make these classes in the park as personalized and open as possible. It’s the end of summer, it’s magical to be playing  and experimenting in the park as the sun sets.

I’ve also put together a playlist for my next class, which you’ll find below. It may get tweaked a little as well, so if you have something you’re dying to downward dog to feel free to suggest that too.

Yoga playlist #2:

Flume by Bon Iver
Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez
Half Light I by Arcade Fire
Mushaboom by Feist
15 Step by Radiohead
The World at Large by Modest Mouse
Change of Time by Josh Ritter
September Baby by Joseph Arthur
I’m Going Back There Someday (Muppets cover!) by Rachael Yamagata
Islands In the Stream (cover) by Feist and the Constantines
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate by the Flaming Lips
I Know Places by Lykke Li


One last yoga in the park note. I mentioned it at the end of my class on Tuesday, but I’ve discovered what I think is a great way of cleaning your yoga mat after it gets dirty in the park. Take it in the shower with you! No fancy yoga mat sprays needed, and probably no scrubbing either, the soap and water from you cleans your mat, then just hang it over the shower curtain rod to dry.

As everyone no doubt knows by now, there was an earthquake on the East Coast of the US yesterday, but it was minor, and mostly of the “did that really happen?” variety. And for all the overblown reactions and local news fear mongering silliness, the movement of our physical foundation, caused everyone to question our logic foundations and assumptions. “Earthquakes don’t happen here.” There are no absolutes.  Nothing, pun intended, is immovable.

I started building my own movable, evolving, foundation last night. I taught my first class since becoming a registered vinyasa yoga teacher. It was a perfect evening in Prospect Park, it was a small but open and supportive class of five, two advanced students, and three beginner to intermediate. The experience of teaching outside, and adapting a class to engage and challenge mixed levels, was a challenge. The class went well, not perfect, but it’s a foundation, it’s a place to build. There were beautiful perfect moments, and some fumbles–like life. I’m grateful to everyone who came and practiced with me last night, and I hope to see more of you as I continue to build my (movable)  teaching foundation. The next (FREE!) yoga in the park event is Tuesday September 6th at 7pm on Long Meadow Prospect Park.

My first free yoga class in beautiful Prospect Park is less than a week away and I’m busy putting together different sequences and lesson plans today. I have also made a few flyers that I’ll be putting up around Park Slope in the next few days (the first one went up at the laundry mat last night) Here’s what it looks like:

So far the forecast looks like perfect yoga weather (partly sunny, high 70s). Hope to see you there!

A lot of yoga business related things have been happening for me in the last week: I’m working on getting on the sub lists for various gyms and studios, I became CPR and First Aid certified, and today I got my new business cards from They are all the same on the front, but there are five different colors on the back, cool, huh?

Want one? Come to my one of my FREE open vinyasa classes in Prospect Park (see “classes” page for more info).