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You  can’t read the news, a magazine, watch TV, or go online without hearing people talking about Pinterest. When I noticed a lot of my friends (and my mom!) joining a few weeks ago, I joined too and then didn’t do anything with it until last night. I went on a pinning spree–it can be very addictive.

I’ve made a few boards, those of most interest to KateAsana readers are my “health and fitness” and “recipes”  All the recipes are vegeterian (but not all are healthy–I do love desserts), and most things in the health and fitness sections are yoga-related. So if you feel so inclined, you can not follow me on Pinterest. And I might even add the “Pin It” button to my future posts, just in case something I write inspires you.

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It’s the week of Thanksgiving, a holiday that gets pushed aside in the name of shopping for Christmas (even Halloween seems to get a bit squeezed out in the name of buy buy buying). But if you think about it, Thanksgiving is kind of a perfect holiday; for many people (who don’t work in retail at least), it’s a 4-day holiday of eating, relaxing and spending time with family, it’s all-inclusive because there’s no religious connotations, no consumerist obligations. And, the part that makes Thanksgiving one of the most meaningful holidays of the year–the whole purpose of the holiday is to pause and be thankful for your life.

Some families go around the table and ask everyone what they are thankful for, I’ve seen friends post one thing they are thankful  for everyday as their status on Facebook,  being a chronic list-maker, I’ve been in the habit of listing what I’m thankful for from the past year. Some people keep a gratitude journal, forcing themselves to record things they are thankful for even on days when they wished they never got out of bed. You could send a thank you card or email to someone you are particularly grateful for, or in the tradition of the holiday, bake a yummy treat for someone. Or, simply say thank you more often. Often those that you are most grateful for in your life (family, significant others) are the people who you overlook the most.  It’s surprising how great a “thank you for doing the dishes, I really appreciate it”  feels.

So this week, while you have the time away from work, I urge you to stave off switching to Christmas prep mode and think about all the things big and small you have to be grateful for.

And in the name of Thanksgiving, I’m going to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving comfort food recipes. Being a vegetarian means that often Thanksgiving dinner is all about the side dishes, and I’ve been obsessed with finding the best mac and cheese for over a year. I made this recipe last year for Thanksgiving ( I think it might be a Martha Stewart one), it’s really good–see if you think it lives up to the title of “Perfect Mac and Cheese” (click to view larger)